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Crisis Help Network: Melbourne Homeless Services

Crisis Help Network: Melbourne Homeless Services

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Women's Domestic Violence and other Resources

Domestic violence is a crime against women; not a god given right, nor part of a rite of passage for men. It is an indefensible act.

There are options and services in Victoria that can help women make changes and informed choices and will offer individual support for women and their children. You and your children have the right to feel safe. The decision to explore these options may start with a phone call. (03) 9373 0123

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Domestic violence services
Refuges and shelters
Housing and accommodation
Other services
Leaving abusive situation

Women's Health Websites:
Women's health east
Gippsland Women's Health Service
Women's Health Victoria
Loddon Mallee Women's Health
Women's Health West
Women's Health in the North
Women's Health in the South East
Working Women's Health
Family Planning Victoria
Breast Screen Victoria
Post natal depression

Domestic violence - services for women

The Police
In an emergency situation call the police for urgent attention. Telephone 000

24 hour crisis help
The Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service of Victoria (WDVCSV)
is a 24-hour, seven days a week, confidential service which provides information, support and access to safe accommodation or refuges for women and their children. This is the best first point of contact for someone who wants to leave a violent partner.

The WDVCS can act quickly if your situation is urgent and can help you with transport if you don't have a car or money.

Staff at the service will talk with you to develop an understanding of your situation and assess what to do first and how to go about it. The best time for a woman to leave a violent situation will depend on the urgency of the situation and the woman's care needs. Contact with the Service is confidential.

This Service is busy and may be hard to get on to, but keep calling and you will get through.

Crisis line: (03) 9373 0123 or free call 1800 015 188

Domestic Violence Outreach Workers
Domestic Violence Outreach Workers are located throughout the State and can offer support to women escaping domestic violence. The workers understand that women in this situation need practical, emotional, financial and legal support. Once you have made the decision to leave you will not be doing it alone.

Call the Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service for the number of your local outreach worker.

[Information sourced from Better Health & Women's Domestic Violence Service (Vic)]

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Refuges and Shelters

Refuges and shelters provide safe and secure accommodation for women and children escaping violence. They usually help women get back on their feet by providing emotional support, legal assistance, and help to find permanent housing and assistance with applying for appropriate benefits.

Many different organisations provide refuges or emergency housing for women and children leaving domestic violence situations. Some need to have secret locations to protect women from threats by partners. Living in secret locations can have disadvantages. You may have to move a long way from where you previously lived and you can't tell anyone where you are staying.

You can contact refuges and shelters through the Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service of Victoria.
Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre, 292 Wellington St Collingwood VIC, 3066
We can refer you to a local service that can support you.
Ph: (03) 9486-9866 9 am-5 pm Mon-Fri. TTY (Hearing Impaired) Ph: (03) 9417-1255

Web sites
Domestic Violence and Incest Resource Centre click here
Women's support services click here

[Information sourced from Better Health & Women's Domestic Violence Service (Vic)]

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Housing and Accommodation

Women's Housing Limited
12 Paisley St Footscray
Phone: 9687 3066 9.30 am - 11.00 am, 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm
(Reverse charge calls are accepted)
Services: referral service, transitional housing, assistance with public housing applications

Young Women's Housing Shopfront
75 Brunswick St
Fitzroy 3065
Ph: (03) 9416 4830

Melbourne Youth Support Services
Transitional housing for young homeless girls 15-25yrs with or without children.
9614 3688

St Kilda Crisis Centre 9525 41OO

Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service 9373 0123

Housing Resource and Support Service Inc. 9654 3859

Young Women's Project 9563 2022

Salvation Army Crossroads 9327 8513

Public Housing Advocacy Program 9616 8043

WIRE - Women's Information and Referral Service 1300 134 130

Anglicare Choices - Centre for Young Women and their Children 9429 6866

CARA Incorporated
Morgan House - Accommodation for pregnant and parenting young women referral through DHS 9843 6000

The Tenants Union of Victoria 9416 2577 or 1800 068 860

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Other Services

Action Centre
277 Flinders Lane Melbourne. General and sexual assault counselling, referrals and medical services for young people. Ph. (03) 9654 4766 or country Free Call Ph. 1800 013 952

Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service of Victoria
Crisis support, information, referral to safe accommodation (refuge) for women experiencing abuse in their relationships. 24 hrs. Ph. 9373 0123, or Country toll free : Ph. 1800 015 188

Centre Against Sexual Assault
Crisis support, counselling, information for people who have been sexually assaulted.
Ph: 9433 2210 (daytime) or After Hours Telephone Service (weeknights and weekends): Ph. 9349 1766. Country: Ph. 1800 806 292

Immigrant Women's Domestic Violence Service
For immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence Mon-Fri 9-5. Ph. 9898 3145

[Information sourced from Better Health & Women's Domestic Violence Service (Vic)]

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Leaving Abusive Situations

Many women stay in or leave and return to their abusive situation. It can take a long time to break the bond and some women leave more than once. Going back or staying does not mean that you have failed; it simply means that you were not ready to leave. Some of the benefits may be an increased sense of independence, increased feelings of control over your life, more self respect, self confidence and a sense of identity.

What can I do?

For emergency protection call you local police.
Contact your local emergency housing service for information on accommodation. Intervention orders are available for your protection; contact your local police/court house. Contact your local legal service for information on your legal options. Contact your local Centrelink office for information on financial assistance.

What to take if you leave

Clothing for you/children
School Uniforms and books
Favorite toys and books
Baby formula
Marriage Certificate
Birth Certificate for you/children
Passport for you/children
Driver's License
Medicare Card
Pension/Health Care Card
Bank Book/Card
Key to house/car
Medications for you/children
Photo albums/personal treasures

[Information sourced from Better Health & Women's Domestic Violence Service (Vic)]

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