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Crisis Help Network: Melbourne Homeless Services

Crisis Help Network: Melbourne Homeless Services

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Tips on Getting Help from Services

There are a lot of resources and people that can help your situation. You may not get what you want, but you may get what you need. Many are listed on this website. It maybe a good idea to have an advocate to go with you when talking to services or have them phone prior to your appointment and lay a bit of the ground work for you. They tend to cut through a bit of the bullshit involved and may have contacts within the service that you are approaching. The majority of services that provide material aid and food are closed on weekends so it can be a long and frustrating 48 hours until Monday. The only way that you may get into crisis accommodation on the weekend is if you happen to be physically on their premises when a vacancy arises, but that is very rare.

Services are not keen to talk to anybody who is off their head or pissed. You will not be doing yourself a favor, so if you can, stay straight. Make sure that you have a bit of identification on you — at least a healthcare card and Medicare. They will normally ask for two and you will need to make an appointment for an assessment, so its better if you phone first. They will asses your situation with the information that you provide and they can only help and act on the information that you provide so keep it as honest as you can. If you want to get creative, make sure that your memory is still intact. Services that provide material aid do have limited resources and they are usually stretched and a lot of the workers are volunteers and may have had similar experiences such as yours in their lives. Remember that it is a small world — services do talk to each other and it can be embarrassing being caught out.

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