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Crisis Help Network: Melbourne Homeless Services

Crisis Help Network: Melbourne Homeless Services

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Public Housing / Priority Housing

If you are going to make an application under the recurring homelessness criteria its worthwhile getting someone who has a bit of experience such as a social worker to give you a bit of a hand. A lot of the wording can be confusing. If you have special needs have supporting letters from doctors, counselors and legal papers if you have children or access to them on a regular basis as you normally only get one offer. You may want to consider the area that you want to be in as well. The last thing that you may want is a cardboard in a suburb that is miles away from your support network and left feeling isolated.

Recurring Homelessness housing is for people who have a history of being homeless or who are at risk of long- term homelessness.

If you are experiencing Recurring Homelessness you will be assisted as a top priority.

Assets can be no greater than $1,300 for Recurring Homelessness priority list.

Your income and assets must be within the following limits.

Supported Housing This is for people living in unsuitable housing who have high support needs or need major disability modifications made to their home. If you need Supported Housing you will be assisted as a second priority.

Special Housing Needs This is for people whose current housing is unsuitable for a variety of personal, health or family reasons. If you have Special Housing Needs you will be assisted as a third priority.

Household Type Income Limit ($)
Single $328
Age/Disability single*: $428
Couple, no children: $546
Age/Disability couple, no children*: $716
Single/Couple one child: $602, plus $89 for each additional child under 13 years or $120 for each additional child between 13-17 years old.
Age/Disability single with one child*: $602, plus $89 for each additional child under 13 years or $120 for each additional child between 13-17 years old.
Age/Disability couple with one child: $728
Age/Disability couple with two children: $740
Age/Disability couple with three or more children: $602, plus $89 for each child under 13 years or $120 for each child between 13-17 years old.
Applicants must be receiving a Centrelink Aged or Disability pension or a Veterans' Affairs pension.

Can I Apply for Public Housing?

If you are on a low income and cannot find suitable housing to rent privately, you can apply to rent public housing. Public housing assistance is given to people based on their needs. In general, if your application is approved you will be offered a property based on when you applied. However, if you can show that you need housing urgently, you can apply for Early Housing and you will be offered housing before other applicants on the waiting list - even if they applied before you.

If you want to apply for public housing, you will need to prove to the Office of Housing that:
you are an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or you have a temporary protection visa
you are currently living in Victoria
you do not own a house, unit or flat
you have an independent income that does not exceed the limits (Generally you are eligible if you are on a low income and you are receiving Centrelink benefits.
if you have been sponsored by your family to migrate to Australia, the sponsorship arrangement has expired or broken down due to conflict
you have repaid or are repaying the Office of Housing any money you owe it (e.g. you have repaid the Office of Housing money loaned under the Bond Loan Scheme.)

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