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Crisis Help Network: Melbourne Homeless Services

Crisis Help Network: Melbourne Homeless Services

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Social observations by Ian Archibald.

In any political process that is moving forward there is often a point of fracture. It is not felt by bureaucrats, policy makers, and politicians. In the current discourse around homeless issues, it is their proxies the homeless punter. I would like to make it clear that I am not the voice of the homeless community or speak on its behalf; all points of view are welcome in the ongoing debate.

I speak from my personal experiences and know one else's. I have a political and philosophical empathy with its complex stratification that is the homeless community, its observations as the debate of policy of where to next as we move forward. I have been a consumer of homeless services in three states on and of for the better part of twenty years trying to find a way back home. Homeless is not necessarily by definition just about shelter it has been an intrinsic state of unrest for me, and I would theories the same for many others in the homeless community.

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